Yegrb 04

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Aman GuptaIt’s hard to believe we’re already on to our fourth YEGRB meetup, and this is going to be the best one yet! Aman Gupta (github, twitter) will be joining us via the web to present “Debugging Ruby: understanding and troubleshooting the VM and your application”. Aman is a serial entrepreneur, ruby hacker and a recent winner of a Ruby Heroes award. He currently maintains the EventMachine project and various other gems that help build high-performance distributed and asynchronous systems in ruby, including em-mysql, em-spec, jsSocket and amqp.

Most recently, Aman has been hacking on performance improvements to MRI, and tools for the VM such as perftools.rb, a sampling profiler for ruby code based on google-perftools, and gdb.rb, a MRI specific version of gdb.

We’ve setup a Google Moderator channel to collect questions for Aman in advance of his talk. Submit your questions early and vote on the ones you’re most interested in so that we make maximum use of his time. You can also record a YouTube video of yourself asking your question.

The meetup will be taking place on June 15th @ 18:30 MST. Please RSVP in advance. We’re making some special arrangements for this months venue and will announce the location details later on this week.

Thanks to Daniel (\@darkhelmetlive) for setting this talk up!