Notes From Yegrb 4

layout: default\ title: Notes from YEGRB 0.4 with Aman Gupta\ category: meetups\ —-

Thanks to everyone that came out for YEGRB 0.4 with Aman Gupta. Aman gave a detailed talk on understanding the performance of your Ruby applications, with lots of examples to show how to do this in different situations. He kindly let us record this talk, and you can watch what was recorded on our page. Unfortunately, the second half of his talk after his router ‘core dumped’ was not recorded but you can still get the slides of this presentation and others from his Scribd account. He also shares code on GitHub, and answers questions sent to \@tmm1 on Twitter.

We also tried out Axis Cafe as a new venue. A big thanks goes out to Yardstick Software for sponsoring the space (and the bar tab!). Burmis Studio also donated a gift for the presenter.

Can’t wait to see everyone at the next meetup!