Yegrb 06

layout: default\ title: YEGRB 0.6 - 21-Sept-2010 6:30pm at Axis Cafe\ category: meetups\ —-\ With the arrival of September the Ruby Meetup are back and ready to rumble! RailsRumble that is!

This month’s meetup is about preparing YEGRB members to participate in the RailsRumble in October. The rumble is a yearly competition that pits developers from around the world together in a contest to develop and deploy an application in 48-hours. The competition can be fierce but the experience can be just what you need to get an edge in your Rails development.

This month’s speakers include:

  • [`mdeering”: - Advanced Capistrano deployments
    • “`benzittlau]( - Using CSS frameworks
  • [`cbrulak”: - Adding OpenID to your app
    • “`markbennett]( - RailsRumble checklist

Register for this month’s meeetup now

We’ve also got a list of Rumble teams in Edmonton looking for teammates. Team mates with graphic and web design skills are in high demand.