Yegrb 06 Notes

layout: default\ title: YEGRB 0.6 Notes\ category: meetups\ —-\ h1. House Keeping



  • Rails 3 has been officially released
    • We’ll have a full introduction at a meetup soon
    • Lot’s of good documention on the official blog
  • RVM goes 1.0
    • Daniel will go over RVM and what it is later
  • Ruby 1.9.2 released
  • Beta of Passenger 3
  • Devise 1.1.x

Google Group

  • Our mandate is to connect ruby users in Edmonton
  • We’ve created a google group to do this between meetups
  • Membership is moderated but posts aren’t
  • Visit the group at
  • It was suggested that we use an IRC bot instead, will explore this


  • RailsRumble is a 48-hour hackathon on Oct 16th-18
  • Lot’s of great prizes and sponsors
  • Three teams have registered from the meetup
  • Both teams still looking for one more member
  • Thanks to the designers who came out!
  • Will contact ENTS about providing a space teams can use over the weekend

Next Meetup

  • Check out the apps built during the RailsRumble
  • All about javascript
  • Show off your nodejs, canvas, and HTML5 skills
  • Submit your talks soon as this is going to be a popular meetup!


Using CSS frameworks by \@benzittlau


Adding OpenID to your app by \@cbrulak

Coming soon…

RVM: Ruby goes to 11! by \@darkhelmetlive

Daniel revealed the secrets of using RVM to isolate your ruby virtual machines. He also showed some examples of typical workflow, including how use gemsets to isolate the gems installed on different projects. Check out his slides for a recap.

Vlad: The Deployer by \@nathany

Nathan stepped in at the last minute and put together a great introduction to deploying your apps with Vlad. Hit him up on Twitter if there’s anything you missed.

Are you ready to rumble? by \@MarkBennett

Mark finished off the night with a check list for teams preparing for the RailsRumble. View the slides again or read the details on the blog post which inspired this talk.