These are your rumble apps

This past weekend was the RailsRumble, a non-stop 48-hour marathon of coding, design, and pizza (judging by some of the posts on Twitter.) There were four teams from Edmonton competing, and they all managed to build some great looking and functional apps.

Foos League

Foos League Screenshot

Warning! There will be no such thing as a friendly or casual foosball match once you have logged your first game in FooLeague.

Foosleague features global and league ladder ranking at both the individual and team levels. Live scoring (thanks Pusher) of games combined with twitter trash talk adds a whole new level to rivalries. Foosleague captures blow by blow data for full game history and statistics.

Team page The App Screencast

Codebucks Screenshot is based on the idea of freecyling, freegiving, freesharing, etc. We wanted to offer a web portal that makes it easy to offer or find reusable items so that they can find a new owner, versus ending up in the landfill.

Typically these communities revolve around a mailing list. We want to open up the concept to the open web, where visitors can easily perform searches, see photos, and users have a public reputation built around their positive (or negative) trade history.

Team page The App

Proc, Block and Two Smoking Lambdas

GemRage Screenshot

GemRage scans your installed gems and Gemfiles and links it to information from RubyGems. Let people know what gems you use.

Team page The App Info / Screencast

The Weebeteurs

Weebet Screenshot

A social-oriented game of sporting event predicitions and wagers. Compete against your friends or the entire userbase. Rise to the top by winning points for your predictions and wagering those points to further raise your score.

Team Page The App

Come congratulate the teams in person and join us for drinks at tomorrow’s YEGRB meetup. We’ll be talking about javascript before heading out for beers. Meet us at 18:30 at Axis Cafe on the south side of Jasper Ave between 104th street and 103rd. RSVP here.