YEGRB 0.10 Work Smarter

WHAT: YEGRB 0.10 Work Smarter
WHEN: Tuesday February 15th @ 18:30
WHERE: Original Joes Varsity, 8404 109 Street (map)

The only code that counts is the code you ship.

At this meetup we’re going to be talking about the tools, tricks, and techniques that you use to write and ship your code. It’s going to run a little differently than our normal meetups. Rather than doing a series of presentations we’ll be breaking into groups to talk about your development workflow. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops and demonstrate their favorite coding techniques. After some discussion members will be invited to take the stage and share their favorite workflows with the group.

As with last meetup, we’re getting together at Original Joe’s Varsity close to the U of A campus (8404 109 Street). Come early to get a good seat, the meetup will get started at 6:30.

We’re also looking for someone to sponsor part of the tab. Email [email protected] or reply to @yegrb on Twitter if you’re interested.