BuildNight Notes

Thank-you for taking the time to come out to Edmonton’s very first BuildNight. There was a great turnout and hopefully you enjoyed yourselves!

YEGRB really appreciated being given the opportunity to run the first event, and we’re excited to see what builds people come up with next. We’re often asked questions about how to get started with Rails and events like last night are a great way to do that. If you’re interested in carrying on with Ruby and Rails consider coming out to our next meetup. They’re always on the third Tuesday of every month. Details and location will be announced a few weeks ahead via the @yegrb twitter account, through our mailing list, and on our blog at

The source code from last nights talk is available on GitHub for you to explore. Our instructions for installing Ruby and getting started with Ruby and Rails are also always available on our wiki, were they are continually updated by our members. For more advanced developers we’ve also got a list of our favourite gems, books, blogs and other references on our Ruby resources page.

We’re always looking to improve, so if you have time please spare a few minutes to answer a quick survey about last nights event. It’s a simple way to contribute and will really help us understand what you’re looking for from future BuildNights and from your Ruby meetup in general.

Once again a big thank-you to Cam Linke from StartupEdmonton for getting these BuildNights rolling, the Department of Computer Science for supplying the venue, and to Yardstick Software for supplying everyone’s dinnerr.