Yegrb 1.1 Devops Notes

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  • Rails 3.0.7 released - performance enhancements to fix regressions introduced in 3.0.6
  • Rails 3.1 default changes - SASS, jQuery, and CoffeeScript are new defaults in Rails 3.1
  • RailsInstaller 1.1 - Now with better support for GitHub. Because even Windows needs some lovin’.
  • IsItRubinious? - You knew it was coming at some point. Find out if your favourite gems run on Rubinius.
  • Pow - Zero-config Rack server for Mac OS X
  • MacRuby - Now with more Ruby in the Apple AppStore


Thanks for our meetup partners SilverSky Solutions, Burmis Studio, and The University of Alberta Department of Computer Science.

Our next meetup is taking place on May 17th, 2011 at the Computer Science Centre on the University of Alberta campus.

Ruby Refresh with \@MarkBennett

In this months recap we talked about Rack, and it’s role in the Ruby ecosystem.

Iterative Chef by \@fnichol ———————————————————

Fletcher Nichol gave an in-depth talk on bootstrapping a solo box with Chef. He started by using standard shell scripts to configure his box, and slowly iterated his examples to leverage more Chef best practices. He’s kindly posted his complete notes on GitHub.

Puppet by \@darkhelmetlive

Daniel Huckstep finished the night with a discussion of using Puppet for automated server management. The repo he used for deployment is private so despite the fact that he used it as an example, he can’t open it up. If you’re interested in learning more about Puppet he suggests visiting Puppet Labs and FabFile. The puppet docs are also pretty solid.