Meetup on March 20th, 2012

WHAT: Monthly Meetup
WHEN: 18:30 on Tuesday March 20th
WHERE: CSC-249 Computing Science Centre, University of Alberta (map)

This months meetup is all about user experience.

We kick-off with a 30 minute deep dive with Christian Naths an experienced graphic designer with solid development chops in JS and Ruby. He’s currently teaching at NAIT and will be presenting a 30 minute talk humourously called, “Fundamental Design Principles – For People Who Can’t Design Good.” Here’s how he describes it,

“Non-designers (or “people who can’t design good”) often view design as a mystery; some right-brained out-of-body experience that they will never know. I will be discussing 4 basic principles of design that everyone, from programmer to artist, can use to help an audience understand the message being delivered. These design principles, when applied as rules, can help provide a linear pathway to good design.”

Following this Ryan Jones is up to talk about developer user experience by demoing RubyMine IDE. He’s been faithfully trying out different Ruby IDE’s for a while now (and even made a stab at his own!) but he’ll be there to tell you why he thinks RubyMine is the IDE for him.

Last but not least, we’ve got our inagural Exchange.js talk. It’s going to be part of a new commitment to bring the best of JavaScript and web developerment into contact with the Ruby community via monthly JS talks, as well as other events in the future. Sean Ouimet (@skepticsean on Twitter) is the point man on this one, so if you’d like to talk or have ideas for a talk please let him know.