RailsRumble teams

RailsRumble 2010

The RailsRumble is 48 mad hours of web application building mayhem. Teams from around the world compete for prizes, prestige, and hopefully profit!

This years Rumble runs Oct 16-18th beginning at midnight GMT (6PM MST).

2010 RailsRumble Teams

Are you not on this list? Register your rumble team and reply to @yegrb to let us know!

RailsRumble Venues

A number of local venues have kindly offered their buildings to YEGRB members participating in this years RailsRumble. If you’re team is looking for a place you can code together please email mark@yegrb.com and we’ll hook your team up. A big thanks to Yardstick Software, Lift Interactive, ENTS, and the Univeristy of Alberta for already agreeing to provide space for some of our teams.

Staying in touch

It’s up to each team how they stay in touch, however the #YEGRB irc channel on irc.freenode.org and the YEGRB mailing lists are great places to start. We’ll also be tweeting with the #yegrumble hash tag on twitter.