Meetup - November 15th - Backbone.js with Derick Bailey

WHAT: Meetup, Backbone.js with Derick Bailey
WHEN: Tuesday, November 15th at 18:30 - 20:00
WHERE: In person, room 2-49 in the Computing Science Centre at the University of Alberta Campus. Live online via the YEGrb Google+ Page.

We’re excited to announce that Derick Bailey will be joining us to do a short introduction to Backbone.js followed by time for questions and answers.

Backbone.js is an exciting new JavaScript MVC library. It’s small (less than 5 kb), simple, and works well with other lbiraries like jQuery. In the year since it was launched it’s gained a passionate following.

Derick Bailey is an independent consultant, developer, trainer, speaker and author, living in Waco, TX. He’s been slinging code since the late 80’s and doing it professionally since the mid 90’s. After nearly 10 years of working in .NET, Derick spends his time primarily writing ruby and javascript, while still dabbling in other bits, blogging with, screencasting at, and much more.

Derick’s most recent technical love affair is with BackboneJS and JavaScript in general. He’s been heads-down coding with them, helping out on the Backbone Google group, StackOverflow, and writing the backbone-memento and backbone.modelbinding libraries, as well as contributing back to the backbone project. He’s also a very nice guy.

We’re taking questions for Derick in advance. You can submit your own questions and vote for your favourite questions that have already been asked.

Afterwards we’ll head out for drinks at Original Joe’s Varsity.