Notes from May meetup

This month we had some fun and did an all JavaScript meetup to celebrate the launch of Exchange.js, Edmonton’s JavaScript development community. You can learn more about Exchange.js on their Facebook page or by following @edmontonjs on Twitter.

Ruby News

JavaScript News


  • June 19th - YEGrb yearly wrap-up BBQ. We’ll announce details in a few weeks but be prepared to relax with burgers and some other fun announcements about the coming year.
  • July 7 - Code Retreat Edmonton - spend a day hacking on the Game of Life and learning new languages and tips. Contact @cbadkidrun for details. Limited spots remaining.
  • PanEx Edmotonton 2012 - a team of Edmonton’s leading User Experience professionals for one night to analyze, assess and advise the UX of your apps. Details to follow via the UX Edmonton FB page. See last years event description for details.

Lightning talks


If you’d like to know more about upcoming meetups follow @yegrb on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can also subscribe to our calendar. Hope to see you at YEGrb soon!