September 2020 Meetup

Posted by Kelsey on 08 Aug 2020 Past
Saturday, 05 Sep 2020 1:30 PM
YouTube Livestream
JWTs: what Rails developers need to know, Dan Moore
A Ruby-Type Talk featuring Sorbet, Chris Cumming

Returning from our summer break with a guest speaker from Boulder, Colorado!

What is a JSON Web Token (JWT) and why do you care? JWTs are a stateless, standardized way to represent user data. This talk will discuss why JWTs matter and the nuts and bolts of JWTs. We’ll also discuss how you might use a JWT in your Rails application.

Dan Moore is a developer advocate for FusionAuth. He’s been using Ruby and Rails off and on since 2015. A former CTO, engineering manager and longtime developer, he's been writing software for (checks watch) over 20 years.

Located on the top floor of the 100 year old Mercer Warehouse at 104 street and 104 avenue, you can find Startup Edmonton (our gracious hosts) through the right set of doors (and up a few flights of stairs) on the west side.

The Mercer Tavern is conveniently located next door for post meetup discussions.

Be warned that we are located near Rogers place so parking can be difficult, especially on hockey nights!