April 2021 Meetup

Posted by Kelsey on 29 Mar 2021 Past
Thursday, 01 Apr 2021 6:30 PM
This Is Fine: Interesting Thoughts on Tech Debt, Ryan Leland

From the new year and into the foreseeable future, we will be joining with Exchange.js, Edmonton's JavaScript meetup, to host a combined virtual meetup on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm MST using Remo. Come join us at #meetup-ruby in the DevEdmonton Slack for more details!

Located on the top floor of the 100 year old Mercer Warehouse at 104 street and 104 avenue, you can find Startup Edmonton (our gracious hosts) through the right set of doors (and up a few flights of stairs) on the west side.

The Mercer Tavern is conveniently located next door for post meetup discussions.

Be warned that we are located near Rogers place so parking can be difficult, especially on hockey nights!