This is a list of projects to work on at the hackup. If you'd like your idea added to this list then send a message with your pitch!


Follow members of the Edmonton ruby community. This would tie in to GitHub, Twitter, mercurial, etc and allow you to see which projects are popular or topical.

Ruby Jukebox

A simple jukebox for the hackups. The playlist is controlled through a webapp, and let's users upload MP3's to play. Songs could also be bumped up in the playlist or vetoed.

Ruby Job Board

Connect local ruby developers with jobs and open source projects.


We're happy with the current yegrb.com infrastructure but could use some slicker graphics and layout. Any takers?

Personnal finance site

A site that let's you upload and securely manage your financial data. It will never be shared with other users but there could be a social factor that would allow the site to automatically catagories expenses and help you assess is you're living within your means.