Managing Multiple Databases in Rails 6

Andrew McCann

Andrew returns to talk about multiple databases in Rails 6—why you might need them, what Rails 6 ...


A Ruby-Type Talk featuring Sorbet

Chris Cumming

Chris talks about Sorbet, a tool for adding static type checking to Ruby projects.


JWTs: what Rails developers need to know

Dan Moore

What is a JSON Web Token (JWT) and why do you care? JWTs are a stateless, standardized way to rep...


Building Your First Gem

Andy Stechishin

Andy Stechishin walks us through building, packaging, and sharing your own Ruby library on RubyGems!


Building Chat Bots in Ruby

Will Gabriel

Will Gabriel walks you through building and deploying a Slack or Discord bot with Ruby to help li...


Native Extensions for Ruby

Karl Parkinson

Karl Parkinson teaches us about integrating machine-compiled extensions into your Ruby projects i...


A Pleasant Development Environment

Chris Cumming

Chris shares the why and how of using Docker to set up your development environment. Check the fo...


Hoodwink Tests With Faker

Susan Wright

Susan shares some tips for using Faker to provide convenient (and entertaining!) sample data for ...


Ruby on Rails Tips and Tricks

Matt Riemer

Matt Riemer shares some beginner- and intermediate-level tips for using Ruby and Rails more effec...


JavaScript Testing for Ruby Developers

Donald Fenniak

Donald Fenniak talks about testing the front end of your Rails applications with JavaScript testi...